Echunga Opera House Pendant

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    The Sydney Opera House is a fascinating building design which incorporates different layers and sizes. It is the varied lines of this design that have inspired this beautiful Gerard McCabe Echunga Pendant. In the pendant, the sections are each articulated and move in different directions. The central piece, which is connected to the orange diamond, holds all pieces together. We have used a unique coloured diamond set in the heart of this pendant to complete this unique Australian design. In Gerard McCabe’s Echunga collection every diamond is unique. This pear shape diamond is lemon flavour. This 18ct yellow and white gold pendant comes with an adjustable length 18ct yellow gold chain which can be worn at 42cm or 45cm long.

    The Echunga collection is inspired by the fabulous local mystery of the rare Echunga diamonds. Discovered at Echunga in the picturesque Adelaide Hills during the gold rush of the late 1800s, the true source of the original diamonds remains unknown to this day. Gerard appraised the original diamonds 1994 for the South Australian Museum, which sparked the idea for this unique collection. The origin of the Echunga diamonds remains a mystery, as there are no known Kimberlite pipes (which are responsible for the formation of mined diamonds) in the area where they were found.

    Every coloured diamond in the Echunga collection is unique. Working with these exquisite natural gems has lead to the creation of a suite of one-of-a-kind jewellery. Key to each design is matching sets of different natural coloured diamonds to create beautifully unique jewellery. We use flavours as a helpful way to describe the colours of these very special diamonds.

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